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Affordable Alaska Health Insurance plans can be affordable for an individual, family, seniors, and the self employed. Top companies such as Premera, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, and many more health care plans are available from local insurance agents all over the state. Family, individual or self employed coverage is available in your area!
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Even though Alaska has a very sparse population, the residents of the state still have many choices for a health insurance provider. Many of the industries in Alaska can be considered dangerous (fishing, crabbing, hunting etc.) so going without a good health insurance policy is just like playing roulette for those that participate in dangerous occupations, Hobbies such as snow mobiling, skiing, mountain climbing etc also pose a significant amount of risk of injury.   When the cost of a trip to the emergency room for a broken leg can easily run over $2000, making sure that you have the right amount of coverage is important.

Some health insurance plans in Alaska can be quite comprehensive (meaning they cover almost everything) but that also means that they can be more expensive. For people that have minimal health issues, or are not in high risk occupations or hobbies, choosing a health plan with a high deductible is a great way to keep your monthly costs for your coverage as low as possible. The reason for this is because you are taking on more risk for yourself and that means the insurance company is less at risk of losing money if you have medical issues. Since you are taking on more responsibility for yourself and your family, the rates for medical coverage are lower when choosing a health care plan with a higher deductible.
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