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In DC (district of Columbia), many people wish we could have the same types of health insurance coverage that our elected officials receive. Well, that would be nice wouldn't it? Since health care reform is a hot topic right now, it may be a good idea to try and ant least find what types of coverage are available from private insurance companies in DC. The politicians are excited to try and run the entire health care system but we would rather they try and fix social security, welfare, medicaid, the Veterans Hospital systems, and their own irresponsible spending of our hard earned tax dollars.

Some people are pushing very hard for universal health care, single payer health care, or socialized medicine. Put whatever label on it that you want but the fact is, those types of systems don't work anywhere else in the world. Here in the United States, the free market economy drives health care technology forward with the incentive of making a profit. These advances in technology are shared with the rest of the world and the world benefits from our advances in technology. If you put the government in charge of the health care industry, and they decide how much money is spent or is not spent, the advances in medical technology will stop.

Can you name one thing that the government runs well, on time, or under budget. The post office, Amtrak, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are all shining examples of what is to come of a government run health care system and those programs are very small in comparison to what the people in Washington DC really want to do. How can anyone have confidence in that kind of a track record?

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