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Affordable Dental insurance and discount dental plan shopping online can be frustrating. Affordable dental services from Ameriplan Dental can be purchased online for a family, an individual or seniors in a matter of minutes. This affordable dental plan will help you save on a crown,  a cleaning, braces, dental implants, root canal, and fillings.

Services such as orthodontists, and other specialists will typically provide you with a 25% savings over their usual and customary fees. This can still amount to hundreds of dollars in savings for things such as dental crowns, braces,  or a root canal. These types of dental services can run into the thousands of dollars, so having an affordable dental plan in place that can save you lots of money is a very smart investment.
"My savings with  my new dental plan were just as advertised. This is the best value in health care today!  -Evan T,  SC
"Just wanted to let you know that my family has saved over $800 this year with our new dental plan. We will save even more than that on our daughters braces next year. Thanks guys!"
JH, Georgetown, SC
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With affordable dental plans such as the dental discounts available from this site, you get the savings right away. There are no cumbersome claim forms, back billing, or surprises. You will simply receive your dental network discounts at the time of service.  Always call ahead to make sure that the dentist is still in the provider network.
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The discount plans offered here are not dental insurance. Dental insurance is where an insurance company is co paying the bills with you. With these plans, you pay the discounted savings and that is it!
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Save up to 80% on Oral  Exams!
Save up to 53% on Root Canals!
Save up to 51% on Crowns!
Save up to 56% on Fillings!
No waiting periods!
No deductibles!
FREE Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Benefits (see below)
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