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LifeWise of Oregon offers affordable health insurance plans in Oregon and great medical coverage for individuals, families or self employed residents. Browse health plan benefits, check rates, find health care providers and apply online in minutes! If you need assistance choosing a health insurance plan, read the different plan options below from LifeWise Oregon. To view your monthly rates for LifeWise of Oregon Health Plans, click the "Get Prices" button next to each plan.
Wiseoptimum Plans
WiseOptimum plans features deductible options or $1000, 2500, or $5000 per person per year,  20% coinsurance for an individual, and $4500 maximum deductible for a family. These plans include  $10 copays for office visits with no deductible, for the first 4 doctors office visits each year without having to meet the annual deductible.  Preventive care exams, screenings, are all covered in full when using an in network health care provider. This plan also includes maternity insurance in Oregon, as well as a great prescription drug program.
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LifeWise of Oregon has quickly become the health care leader in the state of Oregon. Their plan designs are innovative and their rate structures very competetive. Catastrophic health insurance is becoming more popular with people that are reasonably healthy. More comprehensive full coverage health insurance becomes too expensive for many residents, so choosing a quality health care plan from LifeWise Health Plann of Oregon with a high deductible makes more sense to save money. At least now there are more options for health insurance plans in Oregon that offer great coverage for medical conditions such as pregnancy, as well as prescription drug plans. Major medical plans are typically considered plans with high deductibles and those can help people save a lot of money but still protect them in the event of a catastrophic medical event.
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LifeWise of Oregon Value Plus RX Plan Details
LifeWise of Oregon Value Plus Plan Details
LifeWise of Oregon Optimum Plan Details
LifeWise of Oregon HSA Plan Details
WiseValue Plus RX Plan
The WiseValue Plus RX plan offers deductible options of  $1,000, $2500, $5000, $7500, and $10,000 per year. Remember, the higher your deductible the cheaper your monthly rate is!   Preventive care exams and screenings are all covered in full and each person will receive 4 office visits per person per year doe just a $20 copay. This plan also covers both generic and brand name prescription drugs, maternity care, and has a 70%-30% coinsurance.
WiseValue Plus Plan
The WiseValue Plus plan offers 65%-35% coinsurance after meeting a deductible of either $2500 or $5000. To make this plan more affordable, participants receive 3 office vists per year with no deductible and a simple $35 copay. Maternity coverage, routine exams and preventive care are also covered but to keep the costs for this Oregon insurance plan cheap, it only offers 50% coverage for generic drugs. But for many people in around the state, that is just fine.
WiseHSA Plan
This plan is what is known as an HSA (Health Savings Account) plan. This great insurance option gets tied to a bank account that you set up and pay your annual medical expenses out of. This plan offers annual deductible options of  either $3000 or $5950 per year for an individual, or $3,000 or $11,900 per family. Health Savings accounts have become much more popular these days with people that want to take control over their finances as well as their health care.

Preventive care is still covered in full, as are preventive screenings, however things like chiropractic care and others will be subject to meeting your annual deductible first before benefits are paid out on this plan.