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Ohio Health Insurance
Finding Health Insurance in the Country’s 33rd Healthiest State

Health Status in Ohio

The state of Ohio ranks as the 33rd healthiest state in the United States. This is one of the reasons why health insurance cost in Ohio is relatively higher than most states. Obesity is at a high 29.9 percent and its cancer-related deaths are at 209 per 100,000 of the population. Though the percentage of the smoking population has decreased from 23.1 percent to 20.1 percent, the percentage of obesity still remains prevalent rising from 11.3 percent to 29.2 percent. And like other states, cardiovascular death tops the causes for fatality at 311 per 100,000 of the population.

On the positive side, the percentage of uninsured people is at 11 percent while 82.9 percent of children with ages 19 to 35 months had received complete immunization. The level of environmental health risk is higher than the number of people with actual environmentally-incited health conditions; thus indicating a healthier Ohio in the coming years.

Factors that Affect Health Insurance Cost in Ohio

The cost of health insurance in Ohio is primarily based on the person’s health condition and age. The healthier and younger a person is, the lower the cost of his health insurance. Though this is not only a convenient way of saying it but also a truthful one, there are still a few factors that need to be considered.

Health insurance cost in each state varies. This is due to different levels of health determinants that are commonly used in determining future levels of “unhealthy” people. For example, the prevalence of smoking in Ohio is at 20.1 percent. The likelihood of an increased number of pulmonary and cardiovascular deaths can be higher than the states with a lower smoking prevalence percentage. Though aggregate facts are not directly used to determine the cost of health insurance for an individual, its contribution to the states level of healthiness has implied effects to the states average premium. Other factors are:

Deductible is the amount that a person needs to pay in advance before the insurance policy could take effect. Insurance companies have different policies regarding deductibles. When expecting to pay for a lower premium, deductible is the first to be asked about while in the process of getting the quote. By paying a higher deductible, the cost of the health insurance monthly premium can go down relatively.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses This is your share of the burden. Health insurance policies have pre-determined limits. The amount of out-of-Pocket expenses is agreed upon by the health insurance policy holder and the insurance company and has direct impact to the insurance cost. In any case that the health insurance coverage limit exceeds what was agreed upon, the policy holder will have to pay for the difference. This comes in two types: coinsurance and copayment. Coinsurance is where the policy holder is required to pay for a certain percentage of the services covered by your insurance policy until the out of pocket amount reaches the maximum limit. At that time, the the insurance policies will usually begin to cover 100% of costs until the yearly benefit amount has been reached. And copayment is the fixed amount that the policy holder needs to pay for every medical or any health-related service.

Heath Insurance Companies in Ohio

There are various ways in finding the best deals in health insurance in Ohio. And the fastest and most convenient way of doing it is by surfing the net. Many websites provide listings of insurance companies which could provide an instant quote in just a few minutes.  A few of the known health insurance companies in Ohio are:

§Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
§SummaCare Inc of Ohio
§Companion Life Insurance Company
§Health America
§Celtic Ins. Co.
§Golden Rule
§Kaiser Permanente of Ohio
§Medical Mutual

Ohio Health Insurance

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