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Pennsylvania Health Insurance
Finding Health Insurance in the Country’s 28th Healthiest State

Health Status in Pennsylvania

According to the America’s Health Ranking by the United Health Foundation, Pennsylvania dove 2 notches down from 26th to 28th healthiest state. The level of infectious disease incidents is at 20 cases per 100,000 of the population. The high levels of air pollution and the low funding for public health at $49 per person signifies a further decline in its health condition in the coming years. And the prevalence of obesity comes to a steady rise at 28.3 from 19.4 in the past years which is a common trend in the majority of the states. On the good side, the number of people who smokes decreased from 24.4 percent to 21.3 percent in five years while cardiovascular deaths decreased to 298 per 100,000 of the population from its high level in 1990 which was at 490.

Risk pool is has been a controversial issue since the health car reform by the Democrats and the Obama administration. Insurance companies tend turn down people who have severe medical condition; some people are considered to be “non-insurable” by insurance companies due to their medical condition that calls for high medical expenses. It is said to be “insuring at a definite loss.” But the recent amendments in nations reform, people classified as medically uninsurable can seek assistance from the government through risk pools. But unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not offer this.

Factors That Affect Pennsylvania Health Insurance Cost

Health insurance is primarily provided by private sectors to employed individuals. But the self-employed and people working for small companies can get their own insurance, but it is expected to be more costly since they would have to pay for the full premium unlike the regular employed who pays only half or lesser portion of the premium. On a national average, the cost of health insurance is $2,985 for a single person and $6,328 for a family.

The health status and age of a person are the primary factors that affect the cost of health insurance. Insurance companies would either conduct their own heath examination and other investigations of the person’s medical history or ask the person to submit a medical certificate and state every single detail of his days in medical care, if ever there was. And some people with severe health conditions prior to applying for health insurance may be denied of this privilege.

Deductible is the amount that needs to be paid before the heath insurance coverage is “activated.” The amount of deductible paid beforehand can dramatically decrease the monthly premium. But this would require a high cash-out amount. But despite that, paying an annual deductible can cut the annual premium to more than half.

Another factor would be the amount of coinsurance and copayment that the policy holder agrees to. Coinsurance is the percentage of the cost that the policy holder needs to should for any medical-related service for while copayment is a fixed and predetermined amount that the policy holder also needs to pay for every medical-related service.

Health Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

Here is a list of some health insurance companies in Pennsylvania to help you find the best deal:

§Independence Blue Cross
§AARP Insured By Aetna
§First Priority Life, administered by Blue Cross of NEPA
§Golden Rule
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