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Regence individual dental insurance is available for residents of Washington State. These new plans allow you to choose any dentist in Washington State. You can apply online, and pay securely with your credit card.
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"My old dental plan cost much more and didn't work nearly as good as my new one. Very cool"
-Alan S, Chehalis, WA
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Individual Incentive Dental Insurance - Plan Details

* NO Waiting Period!
* Choose ANY DENTIST IN WA State!
* $50 per year deductible per person
* No Deductibles for Cleanings or Exams!

* You control the benefit increase by having at least one exam and cleaning per year!

* Plan pays 80% of preventive services in the first year, 90% the second year, and 100% in the third year!
Individual Dollar Based Dental Insurance - Plan details

* Choose any dentist in Washington State
* Six Month Waiting Period
* Optional Vision Rider

Policy covers 100% of the first $150, 80% of the next $500, 50% of the next $400 in year one, $900 in year two, $1400 in year three, and $1900 in year four.

This policy does not cover the bleaching of teeth, veneers, orthodontics, or work related injuries not covered by workers compensation.
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