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Rhode Island Health Insurance
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Rhode Island Health Insurance
Finding Health Insurance in the Country’s 10th Healthiest State

Rhode Island Health Facts

Rhode Island remains to be the 10th healthiest state for 2 consecutive years according the America’s Health Ranking 2009 by the United Health Foundation. Obesity is low compared to most states at 22 percent but is on a constant incline from around 10 percent in 1990. The ratio between physicians to population is also high at 170 physicians per 100,000 of the population. The percentage of the uninsured rose from 9.7 percent to 11.3 percent in the past few years. And the frequency level of infectious disease decreased from 21 to 14 cases per 100,000 of the population. Thus, the health status on Rhode Island is expected to rise due to higher determinants compared to health outcomes. In contrast, the high percentage of binge drinking or alcoholism strikes as the biggest challenge of the state which is at 18 percent of the population.

Factors that Affect Health Insurance Cost in Rhode Island

It was revealed in a recent study that inadequate health insurance coverage leading to medical debt contributed to 62% of all personal bankruptcy in the United States. The is an illustration of how important it is to find the best health insurance policy with a comprehensive and complete coverage but with a premium that is still within the budget.

The average cost of health insurance on a national level is $2,985 for a single person and $6,328. But this could vary in great difference on a case to case basis. Health insurance companies primarily base their quote on the applicant’s health condition and history and his age. It is known to everyone, and a burden to others, that younger people have greater tendencies of getting a lower health insurance premium compared to older people. And people with pre-existing serious health condition can either be charged of a ridiculously high health insurance premium but may also be denied of health insurance.

Besides health condition and age, there are two other factors that primarily affect the cost of health insurance. The deductible is the amount paid beforehand prior to the actual effectivity of the insurance policy. Deductibles can vary in amount depending on what the health insurance company and the applicant agrees upon. The greater the amount of deductible paid, the lower the cost of the insurance.

Coinsurance and copayment are two other things. Coinsurance is the specific and predetermined percentage of any medical-related service cost that the health insurance policy needs to shoulder. While copayment is the exact and fixed amount that the policy holder needs to pay for every medical-related service. The higher the percentage or amount for these two out-of-the-pocket expenses, the lower the premium.

Health Insurance Companies in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the states with the lowest health insurance average cost. This is probably due to the good health condition of the state on an aggregate level. Here are some health insurance companies in Rhode Island.

§Independence Blue Cross
§AARP Insured By Aetna
§First Priority Life, administered by Blue Cross of NEPA
§Golden Rule
§Rhode Island Health Facts
§The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (The Union Labor Life Insurance Company)
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