Tennessee Health Insurance
Finding Medical Insurance in the Country’s 44th Healthiest State

Tennessee Health Facts
Tennessee walks farther away from being the country’s unhealthiest state with 44th ranking in 2009 from being 48th last year. A few of Tennessee’s greatest health challenges are the high percentage of smokers at 23 percent and obesity at 31.2 percent of the population. Amongst most of the states, obesity is a major heath issue that has remained to rise at an alarming rate. The state also has a record of 9 infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. But a few of the states positive “heath characteristics” is it’s low prevalence of binge drinking which is at 10 percent of the population. The percentage of children ages 19 to 35 who had been completely immunized is at 83 percent. A lot higher than some states, public health funding is at $83 per person and the ratio between physicians to population is 122 per 100,000 respectively.

Things to Know About Health Insurance
There are two popular ways to obtain health insurance in the state of Tennessee; this is either through an employer or buying it directly from a private insurance company. On the other hand, a small percentage people who are either unemployed, on disability or the senior citizens rely on government funding to provide for their health insurance needs. The main role of health insurance is to protect individuals from the catastrophic effects of sudden hospitalization due to injury from an accident and costly medical bills caused by other major medical needs. Different insurance coverage has varying benefits and level of protection, e.g. one type may cover maternity and another won’t, and when looking for the best Tennessee health insurance that would cover all your needs, leaving no chances for unexpected out-of-the-pocket expenses, it is very important to know a few things about health insurance before you start shopping around.

Four Types of Health Insurance

§Major Medical Insurance This is what most people would refer to as traditional insurance. In major medical insurance, the insured would have to pay for a deductible before the health insurance policy could take effect. And the insurance company would usually only pay 80 percent of the bill acquired, leaving the 20 percent to the responsibility of the insured. The insured can either pay for the full amount of the medical bill and have 80 percent of it reimbursed by the insurance company, or he can also ask his insurance company to pay directly the medical bill after 20 percent of his liability has been paid.
§HMO Health Maintenance Organization is a managed typed health insurance. The insured is provided a primary physician and is restricted to a network of affiliated physicians. This is less expensive than major medical insurance since the services provided and which are covered for by the policy are restricted to what the insured really needs, thus preventing any unnecessary medical expenses.
§PPO or Preferred Provider Organization is similar to HMO, except that the insured can go out of the network of physicians and chose any physician he prefers. But unlike getting a physician and getting medical services within the network, out-network transactions can be more expensive. 
§POS Point of Service health insurance is a derivation of both PPO and HMO. The insured also has a primary physician who serves as the point person of where the insured should go next, e.g. if he needs to consult another specialized doctor.

Health Insurance Companies in Tennessee
There are various insurance companies located in the state of Tennessee that will cater to your health insurance needs.  An easy search in the worldwide web will provide you with a list of Tennessee health insurance companies, and these include:

§Golden Rule
§BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee
§Coventry Health and Life Insurance Company
§Companion Life Insurance Company
§Celtic Ins. Co.

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