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Affordable term life insurance is available to meet the many different needs of a family all across the nation. Life insurance can be used for asset protection, family protection, retirement savings and more. To make sure you have enough coverage, compile all of your debts future plans (kids college, paying off mortgages etc) and multiply that number by a factor of 10. This number is a good idea of a starting point for how much coverage you will need.
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If you live in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, or Oklahoma, term life insurance with no medical exam is available from RBC directly from this website. To receive a rate quote on this type of policy,  go to our No Medical Exam Life Insurance page. Affordable term life insurance policies can be purchased directly from this site online in just a matter of minutes. Please note that rates for these types of plans are about 10% more expensive than traditional term policies due to no underwriting being done at the time of application.
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