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Utah Health Insurance
Utah Health Insurance
Utah stayed on top as the country’s healthiest nation from 3rd in 2008 to 2nd in 2009. Only 9 percent of the population smokes and 9 percent engages in binge drinking according to the recent release of America’s Health Rankings 2009 by the United Health Foundation. Obesity is also at a low at 23 percent of the population and children under the age of 18 in poverty are at 8 percent. Recorded mortality rate for infants is at a low ratio of 5 deaths per 1000 live births and people who die of cancer is at a low ratio of 145 deaths per 100,000 of the population. Utah has achieved its reputation as one the healthiest state in the country despite the limited number of physicians at 88 per 100,000 of the population and public funding is $60 per person.

Utah Health Insurance Facts
85 percent of the whole population of Utah is insured. A majority of the population obtains their health insurance by themselves since only 44 percent of employers offer health insurance to their employees. Despite that, 88 percent of the population has access to immediate health care when needed.

Guide to Finding Utah Health Insurance

People who are looking for the best Utah health insurance deal are either unemployed, employed to a company with no health insurance coverage or who were denied by insurance companies due to a serious pre-existing health condition. Here a few tips to guide you to finding the best Utah health insurance deal and to get you started in living a protected life.

§Did you just lose your job and are worried of finding a health insurance in Utah that would both fit your budget and needs? Under Utah law, any employee in a company with more than 20 employees has the right to keep the health insurance that they had with their employer. Even your family members who have also had their health insurance through you can keep theirs. But unlike being employed to the company, you would have to pay for the full premium and this can be very expensive at times. This is a likely option if you or one of your family members has a pre-existing condition and you are worried about being denied of health coverage by other health insurance companies.

§Did you have a recent change in your status and are worried about being removed as a dependent of someone in you family? This applies to students who had just graduated from college and who are starting to look for a job. Insurance companies no longer recognize them as dependents of their parents once they start work. This also applies for the recently divorced, legally separated, and the widowed. Utah law allows people in this category to retain their health insurance plan for a maximum of 36 months.

Utah has Risk Pool
People in Utah who are denied of health insurance by private insurance companies due to serious pre-existing conditions can find help in risk pools. Risk pool is a government funding that allows people who are considered to be “uninsurable” to have their own health protection.

Health Insurance Companies in Utah

Finding health insurance in any part of the country involves understand things such as deductibles, benefits and coverage. But on top of everything else, the most important part in choosing the best Utah health insurance is having the peace of mind of knowing that you would have the protection and coverage you need in case of sudden hospitalization due to an injury from an accident or any major medical incident.

§Advance Insurance & Benefits (Advance Insurance & Benefits), Salt Lake City, Utah
§American National Insurance Company Inc (Anico), Sandy, Utah
§Great Western Insurance Company Inc , Ogden, Utah
§Heritage Financial Group Inc (Heritage Financial Group Inc), Orem, Utah
§Platinum Insurance, West Jordan, Utah
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