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Finding Health Insurance in The Country’s Healthiest State

It’s best to be in Vermont. This is what America’s Health Rankings 2009 by the United Health Foundation has revealed, declaring that Vermont is the healthiest state in the country from being 3rd in 2008. The state has a low percentage of children in poverty at 9 percent of the total population of people under the age of 18. The prevalence of obesity is also at a minimal level at 23 percent of the population.  The state also has the most number of primary care physicians at 169 for every 100,000 of the population. And the high health determinants over health outcomes indicate a stable state of healthiness for more years to come. Binge drinking or alcoholism is at 17 percent of the population and only 74 percent of children ages 19 to 35 has received complete immunization.

Vermont Health Insurance Facts
89 percent of the whole population of Vermont has health insurance, while 90 percent of the population has access to immediate health care when needed. In addition, 57 percent of employers offer health insurance coverage to their employees.

Guide to Finding Utah Health Insurance
The primary role of health insurance is to provide people the peace of mind knowing that they will be protected from the catastrophic effects of a sudden medical emergency. Health insurance varies in benefits and coverage. Some may allow the insured to choose his preferred physician while some may restrict any medical service to be acquired only from a network of accredited physicians. And if you are still looking for the best Vermont health insurance, you would probably fit in one of these categories:

§For the person who recently lost his job and is worried of losing his health insurance along with it, federal law allows you to keep the health insurance you had with your employer. Your employer, with no less than 20 employees,  will be required to send you a notice asking if you are opting to keep the health insurance you had with them. You will be given 60 days to decide and 18 to 29 months to find another insurance coverage. And if your employer has less than 20 employees, Vermont law allows you to keep your health insurance coverage for 6 months and up to 12 months if you are in disability. On the downside, this will call for a very high premium, but having this law could be priceless for people who would be denied health insurance by other insurance companies due to a serious health condition.

§For the new graduate, divorced, legally separated, divorced and anyone who has lost his or her dependent status, federal law gives you the privilege to keep your dependent status for 36 months but you will have to pay for the full premium and that could be very expensive.

§For the person who has a serious health condition and who has been denied of health insurance by most insurance companies, or was asked to pay a ridiculously expensive health insurance premium, you don’t have to worry about this if you’re a resident of Vermont. Though Vermont does not have a risk pool, it has a guaranteed-issue which allows all citizens to be accepted at the same minimum premium regardless of health condition.

Vermont Health Insurance Companies

§Financial Institutions Reserve Risk Retention Group, Inc, Burlington, Vermont
§Peck, T S Insurance Group Inc (Ts Peck Insurance Agency), South Burlington, Vermont
§South Burlington, Vermont, South Burlington, Vermont
§Jarvis Michael Insurance Agency , South Burlington, Vermont
§Marble Valley Insurance Agency, Rutland, Vermont
§Thittenden Insurance Group, Rutland, Vermont
§American Benefit Plan Administrators Inc (American Benefit), Rutland, Vermont
§Vermont Mutual Group Inc (Northern Security Co) , Montpelier, Vermont
§Concord General Mutual Insurance Company (Concord Group), Montpelier, Vermont
§Green Mountain Insurance Solutions, Saint Albans, Vermont
§Gary Isham (Isham Insurance Agency) , Barre, Vermont
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