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Affordable Virginia Health Insurance
A Step-by-Step Guideline to Finding Health Insurance In the Countrys 21st Healthiest State

Step 1: Learn the Basics of Health Insurance

87 percent of the entire population of Virginia has medical insurance while 89 percent has immediate access to medical care when needed. If you are a part of the 10 percent without any medical insurance, here are a few things to think about.

§Type of Health Insurance There are different types of health insurance offered to individuals who are yet to get one. These vary in benefits and coverage and some may have a few restrictions which were created to lower the cost. Choosing the best Virginia health insurance primarily depends on your specific needs and preference, and one of these may just fit you.
oMajor medical insurance is the traditional health insurance most people are familiar with. This is where the insured would need to pay for a deductible and a coinsurance. Coinsurance is usually 20 percent of the cost of any medical service which the insured needs to pay for, leaving the 80 percent to the insurance policy. The insured can either pay for the whole amount of the medical bill and get a reimbursement of ask the insurance company to directly pay its 80 percent.
oHMO or Health maintenance is considered to be a more cost-effective health insurance where the insured is restricted to a network of affiliate physicians.
oPPO or Preferred Provider Organization assigns a primary physician to the insured. And unlike HMO, the insured is allowed to choose any doctor he prefers but this would be more expensive.
oPOS or Point of Service health insurance is a combination of HMO and PPO where the insured is provided a primary physician who will then decide if he needs to consult another physician or doctor.

Step 2: Know Some Virginia Health Facts

Virginia remains to be the 21st healthiest state since 2008. The predominance of smoking is at 16 percent of the population while binge drinking is at a low 15 percent. The high availability of physicians at a ration of 125 to 100,000 is one of the good qualities of the state. The higher level of health determinants over health outcomes indicates an improved health condition in the coming years. On the other hand, the state has a high level of pollution with 12 micrograms of fine particulate per cubic meter. It also has a low percentage of completely immunized children ages 19 to 35 months at 73 percent. The rate of obesity is at a consistent rise from 10 percent from 1990 to 26 percent in 2009.

Step 3: Know Where You Stand

It’s a great adversity to be faced by the challenge of finding the best Virginia health insurance for yourself; you may either be consumed due to a high premium or be denied altogether if you have a serious health condition. Here’s something to help you know your options.

§If you recently lost your job, Virginia law allows you to keep the health insurance coverage that you have with your previous employer. You will be notified of your option to keep your health insurance coverage and you will be given 60 days to decide. You can keep the coverage for 18 to 29 months while you look for another insurance company to take you in.
§If you had a recent change in status, e.g. if you graduated and started working, got divorced, legally separated, or widowed, and the insurance company no longer recognizes you as a dependent for 36 months.
§If you are an early retiree waiting to reach a senior citizen status to be eligible for Medicare, and your pension is paid by the federal Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation, you can get 65 percent assistance on all medical expenses.
§If you are pregnant and you are on a limited income, you can get health insurance to cover your entire pregnancy and 60 days after labor. And your baby can also get health insurance for a year. You can contact Medicaid (1-804-786-7933) to know more about this health insurance program.

Step 4: Find a Health Insurance Company

§Genworth Financial, Inc, Richmond, Virginia
§Amerigroup Corporation (Americaid Community Care), Virginia Beach, Virginia
§Markel Corporation, Glen Allen, Virginia
§Southeast Services, Inc, Richmond, Virginia
§Anthem Health Plans Of Virginia, Inc (Anthem), Richmond, Virginia
§Valueoptions, Inc, Norfolk, Virginia
§Essex Insurance Company, Glen Allen, Virginia
§Sentara Health Plans, Inc, Virginia Beach, Virginia
§Cannon-Fincher Insurance Agency (Nationwide), Richmond, Virginia
§Edwards & Associates Insurance Agency Inc, Virginia Beach, Virginia
§Williams Insurance Agency (Williams Insurance) , Virginia Beach, Virginia
§Patty Heath Insurance Agency Inc (State Farm Insurance) , Newport News, Virginia
§Nuckols' Insurance Agency, Glen Allen, Virginia
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