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West Virginia Health Facts
(Source: America’s Health Rankings 2009, United Health Foundation)

§79 percent of children in West Virginia ages 19 to 35 months had been completely immunized.
§The ratio of cancer deaths is at 182 deaths per 1000,000 of the population.
§A quarter of the population is uninsured.
§Almost 19 percent of the population smokes.
§Almost 30 percent of the population is obese.
§62 percent of pregnant women have prenatal care.
§290 people of 100,000 of the population die of cardiovascular-related diseases.
§The public health funding is $47 per person, lower than almost most of the states.
§The ratio of infectious disease incidents is at 23 cases per 100,000 of the population.
§The ratio between physicians and the population is 95 per 100,000 of the population respectively.
§The state’s health condition is expected to decline due to lower health determinants and higher health outcomes.

Salient Points about West Virginia Health Insurance
The State of West Virginia does not order private companies as to the type of coverage it offers its employees.  This simply means that health insurance policy coverage may be tailor-fitted in accordance with a person’s situation, depending on how they see your situation.  However, people with an already pre-existing condition, age and decline in health may be charged with a higher premium.

A point of good news for you if you are from West Virginia: your lawmakers have put up important guidelines for your protection from abusive insurance companies.  Here are some guidelines for you to keep in mind:

§You cannot be turned down for reasons of declining health or increasing age when you are a part of a guaranteed issue.  This occurs when you decide to buy group insurance plans for 50 people or lower.  With group insurance, your coverage cannot be limited, and you cannot be denied because of your current health conditions.  This is termed as nondiscrimination.
§You are assured of guaranteed renewability, where your health insurance plan will not be cancelled even if you fall ill.  The only reason for cancellation of your health insurance plan is when you fail to pay your premiums, or when you provided false data for your insurer.
§Once you leave your present job where you are currently insured, a program known as COBRA assures you that you will still be able to get coverage for up to 18 months from the time of resignation.  This, however, cannot be renewed at the end of 18 months.
§You can always call and ask for assistance from the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Differences between Health Insurance Types

When looking for the best West Virginia health insurance that covers basically every type of your medical needs, considering what insurance type to choose from can do it all. These insurance types differ in coverage, terms and have different restrictions.

§Major medical insurance, or the traditional health insurance, consists of the basic insurance elements such as deductible and coinsurance. Deductible is the specific amount paid upfront before the insurance company takes any lead in paying for you medical bills. Coinsurance is when the insured would have to pay a portion of the medical bill. This is most commonly 20 percent of the entire medical cost. The insured can either choose to pay for the entire cost of the medical service and get a reimbursement or request the insurance company to pay for its share and just take care of the difference.
§HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is a long-term health insurance type which is much less expensive the major medical insurance. The insured is provided a few restrictions which limit his medical bills. HMO has a network of physicians and the insured is required to choose only from that network.
§PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) also has a network of physicians but the insured is allowed to go out of that network and choose any physician he prefers. But the cost for this may be more expensive and the insured ma be asked to pay for a greater deductible and copayment. Copayment is different to coinsurance in a sense that it is a fixed and predetermined amount that the insured has to pay for every medical service acquired and not a certain percentage.
§POS (Point of Service) provides a primary physician to the insured who decides whether he needs further consultation or service from another physician or doctor.

Note that these types primarily differ in the way the medical service is acquired and individual preferences may make one preferable than the other.

West Virginia Health Insurance Companies

§Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company (Equitable Life Assurance), Charleston, West Virginia
§Blankenship Insurance Agency Inc (State Farm Insurance), Huntington, West Virginia
§Huntington, West Virginia, Parkersburg, West Virginia
§West Virginia National Auto Insurance Co Inc , Morgantown, West Virginia
§Shrewsbery Insurance (Shrewsberry, James E Insurance) , Beckley, West Virginia
§Citywide Insurance And Financial Service Inc, Wheeling, West Virginia
§Health Insurance Choices, Fairmont, West Virginia
§Boehm Valley Insurance Agency, Hurricane, West Virginia
§Midkiff Insurance, Martinsburg, West Virginia
§Donald W Frazier Insurance Agency, Princeton, West Virginia
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