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Wisconsin was ranked as the 12th healthiest state in the country in America’s Health Ranking 2009 by the United Health Foundation. The state has a low occupational fatality ratio of 3 deaths per 100,000 of the population. The low ratio of infectious disease at 6 cases per 100,000 of the population also contributed to the state’s advancement from being 17th in 2008. 84 percent of children ages 19 to 35 months who were completely immunized. The high level of health determinants over health outcomes signifies a further improvement of health conditions over time. The state’s challenges include high percentage of binge drinking at 23 percent and a low public health funding of $35 per person.

Wisconsin Health Insurance Facts
90 percent of the states population has health insurance and almost 92 percent has immediate access to medical care when needed while 60 percent of employers in Wisconsin offers health insurance to their employees.

Wisconsin health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan

Wisconsin offers risk pool to its citizens. Risk pool is program sponsored by the state to allow citizens who are classified as uninsurable to get their own health insurance without having to spend too much. The HIRSP of Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (www.hirsp.org) aims to give every citizen of Wisconsin access to health insurance. This is available to people who are either denied of health insurance by insurance companies due to a serious pre-existing health condition or to those who recently lost their job and their health insurance along with it. HIRSP provides coverage to medical and prescription drug expenses and can have some restrictions to what pre-existing health condition to accept. Here are some of the first requirements to be qualified for HIRSP:
§You need to be a resident of Wisconsin
§You’re not older than 65 years old, not unless you were denied of Medicare.
§You were denied health insurance by you employer.
§You were denied Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus.

The next step depends on your case. If you will be requesting for HIRSP due to loss of job here’s a few of the qualifications:

§You lost your health insurance provided by your previous employer.
§You did not cancel your coverage voluntarily.
§You have exhausted your health insurance coverage extension provided as a privilege through Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA.
§You must have had insurance coverage for at least 18 months.
§You need to apply for HIRSP not later than 63 days from losing the health insurance provided by your previous employer.
§You were denied Medicare.

If you are filing for HIRSP due to a serious medical condition, here are the guidelines and limitations:

§You need to have Medicare due to disability.
§You were tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
§You were either rejected, your policy cancelled, given a reduction in your coverage limit making it insufficient for your needs or given a 50 percent increase in your premium by your insurance company. 

Wisconsin Health Insurance Companies
§American Family Mutual Insurance Co Inc, Madison, Wisconsin
§Cuna Mutual Insurance Society (Cuna Mutual Group), Madison, Wisconsin
§Time Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
§Amfam, Inc, Madison, Wisconsin
§Wea Insurance Corp, Madison, Wisconsin
§Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation , Madison, Wisconsin
§Humana Insurance Company (Humana), Green Bay, Wisconsin
§Sentry Life Insurance Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
§American Medical Security, Inc, Green Bay, Wisconsin
§Greater Insurance Service Corp , Madison, Wisconsin
§Insurance Marketing Concepts, Inc, Green Bay, Wisconsin
§Central States Insurance Agency Inc (Csi), Brookfield, Wisconsin
§Century Insurance Agency Inc (Century Insurance), Appleton, Wisconsin
§Greater Insurance Service Corp (Greater Insurance Service Corp), Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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