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Affordable Wyoming Health Insurance

Finding Health Insurance in the Country’s 19th Healthiest State

If you live in Wyoming and you want to make sure that your family’s physical well being is secured, the best thing you can do is to avail of Wyoming health insurance so that in case of unexpected events, you won’t have to be burdened by unexpected medical bills because you have a good health insurance to save you.

Getting the right health insurance is not an easy feat. It can be time consuming as it requires you to read and learn about the different policies and benefits offered by health insurance companies as well as putting into consideration your family’s finances. Luckily, a Wyoming resident has a quite a few options to choose from in terms of health insurance as there is no required standard health plan by the state. 

Wyoming Health Facts

Wyoming is the 10th healthiest state as stated in the data provided by the United Health Foundation in its 2009 America’s Health Ranking.  This spot has been retained by Wyoming since 2008.  This state boasts of low poverty percentage among children, low pollution levels and low occurrence of infectious disease cases.  The problem lies in the number of job-related fatalities, and the prevalence of smoking.

How is Eligibility Evaluated?
When you apply for a health insurance policy, the insurance company reviews your application based on your age, the number of people who wishes to be covered by the policy, health status, and other criteria that’s set by the provider. Wyoming residents applying for an insurance policy can be rejected for a number of reasons including health status.

However, in case of application rejection by private insurance providers, the State of Wyoming assures its residents of acceptance into the state in compliance with HIPPA Group to Individual Portability regulations. They are considered part of the high risk pool when their coverage is denied by a private insurance provider or if they are offered a reduced or restricted plan.

Benefits Guaranteed and Pre-existing Conditions
Although the state of Wyoming does not require private insurance providers to have a standardized health insurance policy, it does require that all plans cover identified benefits like diabetes care treatment and screening for breast, colorectal, prostate and cervical cancer.

In terms of pre-existing conditions, insurers are granted application of exclusionary period or elimination rider policy as mandated by the Wyoming law. Exclusionary period means that conditions will not be counted for up to 12 months. 6 months look back period by the insurer is granted also to check what conditions need to be included in the exclusionary period. While the elimination rider means that all listed conditions will not be counted in your policy for an indefinite period of time.

Individual Health Insurance Premiums
Certain criteria are used by each insurance provider i.e. age and health status to determine a Wyoming individual’s health insurance premium rates. The cost charged for a policy is unlimited and the provider has the option to offer you a higher or lower premium rate taking into consideration your age, health status and other factors.

When you renew your Wyoming health insurance plan, the provider may decide to offer you a higher premium rate based on any reason such as age increase or health decline but your provider cannot cancel your insurance policy because of the status of your health. You have a definite guarantee that it will be renewed when its term ends, no matter what your health status might be. With these Wyoming regulations, the consumer whose health is declining and the insurance provider are both protected at the same time.

Study your medical needs and finances and take note of these when you’re looking for a health insurance policy to avail so you can easily determine the right health insurance fit for you. Try to also seek the help of a qualified agent based in Wyoming to aid you in picking out the most suitable health plan coverage for you and your family.

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